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Anita Verma
Lost 8.5 kgs In 3 months

Since it made me gain confidence in front of others I would like to suggest others, who would like to maintain their health, to join Weight Monitor and feel happy.

Dr. (Mrs.) Madhuparna Banerjee
Lost 7 Kgs In 3 months

Follow advises religiously; don't miss to write your food diary everyday. Be honest, and find the differences start within a week!

Prakash & Supriya
Lost 5 kgs Each Respectively In 3.5 months

And mainly for us, it turned out to be huge mindset change ? much more than just a diet modification. So many myths we had held dear were broken to pieces.

DM (Name Withheld)
Lost 11 kgs In 3 Months

Be positive ... U can do it ... ..... But definitely u cant do it yourself ... ..... TWM makes it easy for u ....

Vanita Chopra
Lost 16 Kgs In 6 months

I am almost 52 yrs old. If I can do it u too can. It?s not about size but health that is affected due to one being overweight.

Lost 8 Kgs In 3 months

The diet was very easy to adhere to because all the food ingredients were easily available.

Nandini D
Lost 9 kgs In 8 months

Take the leap of faith and get on board with the experts at know what they are doing and can help you along in your journey.

Amit Gupta
Lost 10 kgs In 3 months

Honesty fill your food diary. Silly as it may sound to do it every day, it really helps to keep one honest.

Pooja Saigal
Lost 15 kgs In 6 months

The diet plan was extremely easy to follow and it never felt as if a life altering pattern was being forced upon me.

Dr.Sagarika D Gupta
Lost 10kgs In 3 months

You must have the will power first to reduce weight, just tell yourself to follow the diet advice and other advices from TWM.

Ankeet Teli
Lost 8.5 Kgs In 3 months

Fitness is a way of life more than anything else. It isn' something that you decide to get in to on impulse, or as a short term hobby or fad.

Prabhjot Kaur
Lost 6.5kgs In 70 days

It is absolutely a new life, I have left my past and very happy with the present. It is a new life as I can wear really nice clothes

Anjali Batra
Lost 6 Kgs In 2.5 month

My doctor was taken by surprise when I repeated my lipid profile and got results within the permissible limits.

Tina Goyal
Lost 7 Kg's In 45 Days

I have loved the website. It was a surprise or say a bliss to me. I feel absolutely great to see that loosing weight could be so easy.

Giti Tyagi
Lost 16.9 kg's In 6 months

Excuses such as 'Just one bite won't add up to my weight' and 'Where is the time for dieting' added to my weight down these years

Amit Bahl
Lost 6 Kg's In 60 Days

Following helped me discipline my eating patterns, watch my alcohol intake and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Monika Adya
Lost 5.5 Kg's In 2.5 Months

While I had tried many diet sites before, I have really liked and benefited from the personalized guidance that TWM provides.

Varun Saigal
Lost 5 Kgs In 60 Days

I recommend the program to everyone not only for weight loss but also to understand an extremely complex thing called FOOD

Anjali Gill
Lost 4 Kg's In 30 Days

I achieved what I had set to do very early in my program. I learnt how to eat healthy the bonus being the loss of 4 kgs.

Kavita Anandani
Lost 9 kg In 5 months

The online Daily Food Diary is the best. Its most innovative way to communicate with our nutritionist and the team. The feedback time is great.

Shreya Banthia
Lost 6 kg's In 2.5 months

The first couple of kilos are tough to lose but once you are over that stage,it all seems effortless.

Indu Nathany
Lost 13 Kgs In 4.5 Months

Please follow TheWeightMonitor Diet if you want to be healthy and live a quality life.

Juhi Khanna
Lost 8.5 Kg's In 90 Days

A chocolate doughnut sure gives a high, but wearing a chocolate colored fitted dress will definitely give you a bigger high and satisfaction.

Regina Borges
Lost 5 Kg's In 3 Months

I am very happy with my progress and with the diet plan. my dietician, is a delight to talk..

Aarti K
Lost 6 Kgs In 3 Months

Losing 6 kgs has helped me regain my confidence, thanks to "The Weight Monitor"

Anil Agarwal
Lost 11 Kgs In 6 months

I am sure that this online program must be better and more effective than many direct

Sejal Sarkar
Lost 5 Kgs In 40 Days

I read about the site in the newspaper and decided to give it a try!

Madhu Rai
Lost 6.5 kgs In 1 Month 10 Days

After losing 6.5 kgs I feel fresh and light. Recently one of my friends told me that I looked really young

Maninder Sood
Lost 12 Kgs In 8 Months

Maninder Sood, a Housewife Lost 12 Kg's in 8 Months...

Manmohan Tiwari
Lost 33 Kgs In 12 Months

Manmohan Tiwari, a Business Professional Lost 33 Kgs in 12 month

Jyotin Bhasin
Lost 36 Kgs In 7 Months

Jyotin Bhasin, a Business Professional Lost 36 Kg's in 7 Months...

Uttara basu
Lost 10 Kgs In 5.5 months

Uttara Basu, a Housewife Lost 10 Kg's in 5.5 Months...

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