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As the year begins, we wrap up the old and enter the new year with fresh enthusiasm & energy cliched as New Year Resolutions. Diet, weight management & fitness top the charts. Here are some fresh ideas to work on for those who are wanting to get fitter.

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A novel concept to dieting and weight loss seems to have gained traction over the past few years. Combination diets, based on the principle of segregating macronutrients like proteins and carbohydrates. They claim that when carbohydrates and proteins are eaten together, their enzymes cancel each other out, halting the digestive process and causing weight gain. They restrict foods that contain both carbohydrates and proteins such as dairy & dairy products, pulse, daals, soy & soy products as they are combinations of proteins and carbohydrates. For example, eating chapattis with rice; or yogurt with daal; or combining roti with daal and/ or chicken and so on.

  Diet and Exercise
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Exercise is a must. The reason why exercise makes you feel wonderfully alive is because it triggers the release of endorphins-chemicals in the brain that make you feel generally happier, calmer and clear headed. Choose some thing that you enjoy doing. It could be the gym, yoga or a sport. Make it fun thing and make it a part of your time together.