Sarika Soni

Lost 10 kgs In 8 Month

Location: Rajasthan
Age: 42 years

How did I put on weight?
I always used to think that I am taking balanced diet but actually I didn?t know the meaning of balanced diet. My diet was not balanced. Although I read a lot about food pyramid, I didn?t understand it. Also I am into office job, long sitting hours contributed to gaining weight. And after entering into late 30?s I started putting on weight very fast as my metabolic rate started slowing down.
Starting with weight loss!
In order to reduce weight I started doing aerobic exercise one hr a day. But that didn?t help me. I kept on gaining. I used to think that when I am doing exercise I could cheat on calories also. And that worsen the situation. Instead of reducing weight, I rather gained more weight. Within 2-3 years I gained 12kgs despite the fact that I was regular to my aerobic workout. During my aerobic classes, I heard of online nutritionist in India. But I was not sure whom to join and follow. Then one day read an article of Ishi Khosla in Reader Digest and then in Times of India and then in New Woman. It inspired me a lot and I decided to join the program through the theweightmonitor. After joining the program my perspective to balanced diet completely changed. I came to know that my knowledge to balanced diet was completely wrong. And then I started learning the meaning of balanced diet. And my journey to reduce weight started. I was surprised that I was eating more than earlier and was still reducing my weight. Also When I started the weight loss program from theweightmonitor I stopped doing aerobics and even after that I was reducing weight. It was a great inspiration.
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Prerna Sharma

Lost 7 Kgs In 3 Months

Location: Dubai
Age: 31 years

How did I put on weight?
I have been disciplined in my food habits and have been regular with my daily workout. Due to change in my job and relocation to new country i.e. Dubai, I started gaining weight. Reasons being -less sleep, work pressure, travelling, no time to cook and devote time to myself. All this lead to weight gain for myself. Also, being vegetarian, I find it difficult to get options to explore and due to working late hours I started ordering food from outside. Instead of taking smaller meals, knowingly I intend to take shorter and heavier meals. I completely lost my way of regular work-outs.
Starting with weight loss!
I know I was getting plump and was conscious that I have to lose weight, but how was a big question. I was am aware that my late working hours won't allow me to spend good time to my workout. So I thought to follow a weight management program under the supervision of the nutritionist in order to stay focus as I want someone apart from my family to push myself and of whom I have fear. So, I joined Theweightmonitor.com on my sister's recommendation as she been following nutritionist Mrs. Ishi Khosla in Delhi. Hence I pushed myself to join this program.
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Shveta Sachdev

Lost 17 Kgs In 5.5 Months

Location: New Delhi
Age: 38 years

How did I put on weight?
I had always been plumpy and had an excuse that it is because my parents are obese, thus blaming it all on the hereditary factor. Above it, I piled on loads of weight after my 2nd Caesarian and was constantly gaining it even 6 months after my baby. My eating habits were also quite liberal. I would at any time munch biscuits, namkeen or packed juices. My exercise regime was never regular and I would do it for some time and then completely let it off, thus causing more weight gain. I always thought I was not able to take out time to start working on weight loss
Starting with weight loss!
I always intended to lose weight but never knew the right direction to do so. I knew that controlling my diet would help me work out, but how much to eat, what exactly to avoid eating and how to balance the daily diet was a questionmark...I wished someone could really guide me personally and monitor my weight loss as it only works when you have a teacher to observe you everytime who can check you and correct you where you go wrong. I just happened to come across a friend in my society who had benefited with the weight monitor and she gave me the reference. Initially I did hesitate to join as I always had an impression that nutritionists always put you up on fad diets and one does lose weight initially when you are working with them and later it all piles on again after leaving their diet plan.I confirmed with my friend again and the impressive part was when she told me that everyone's diet is planned as per individual's eating habit and their diet revolves around normal diet which is normally cooked at home. I would not have to get anything special cooked for me separately. I finally thought of going for it and my compliance was quite good, which helped me to consistently lose weight over weeks
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Theweightmonitor is India's first fully online weight management portal. Our online diet plans are customized for individual lifestyles and focus on the principles of eating right. Theweightmonitor does not prescribe any special foods, It just fits into your routine. Your personal nutritionist and daily performance & target scores motivate you to achieve your target weight. Theweightmonitor services clients in 175 cities worldwide.

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