Kavita Anandani

Lost 9 kg In 5 months

New Delhi
48 years

How did I put on weight?

My weight gain has been progressive since the last 14 years. As I look back, I went through a cesarean delivery 12 years ago and Hypothyroidism 4.5 years ago. I think I put on at least 14-15 kgs of weight which was at an all time high. Being like any other modern multi tasking working woman with personal, family, social, professional work commitments. Creating the right balance between home and work life has always been tough. Getting up early and long working hours, being in the Legal field has also added to irregular eating habits, eating without discrimination, stress & fatigue. I consider myself to be a fairly disciplined person when it came to eating. Never over ate, yet I was not able to reduce my weight due to a slow metabolism and eating late.

Starting with weight loss!

With my packed routine from morning six to midnight even going for a 30 minute walk in the morning was a luxury. I found about Theweightmontor.com last December when I was visiting my late father at Fortis Escorts at the Whole Foods Cafeteria. I desperately needed a program which fitted well into my already packed routine. Going to a gym or following a diet which was complicated which my family could not eat was out for me. I wanted a diet program which was sensible, requiring no special ingredients and required no time to visit a Dietician 2-3 times a week because of my busy work routine. In the first instance I found theweightmonitor.com promising as the Diet Plan very brilliantly assessed & highlighted all the weight increasing habits in my Daily Diet. I was eating an overload of carbohydrates, biscuits, not paying any attention to having salads, fruits, curd & milk products daily. The best change which I am convinced started my weight loss was that I started eating in between 6:30-8 p.m. This single change brought results of weight loss in the first 10 days. At times when I got delayed at work I would make sure that I would call for a healthy snack or meal so that I did not eat late. On reaching home rather than eating a heavy dinner I would finish with a glass of milk or some almonds or other suggested healthy snacks and green tea. While reaching my target weight is important to me but the true joy is found in the journey that one undergoes to reach the final destination of improved health.

Getting a new life!

My initial 3 months program with theweightmonitor.com was a great success. I have lost at least 7 kgs of weight in the first three months. It?s a very positive change as I had not been able to lose. In the last 5 months I have lost 9 kgs and maintained it despite not being regular in the last 1 month. I am not feeling weak, food deprived or hungry my new diet of control in carbohydrates. My energy levels have increased .My profession involves a lot of reading & mental concentration which has got better. In all these years I had never paid attention to the health benefits of foods easily available foods in my kitchen but now I have consciously incorporated them in my daily diet. A lot of food myths that following a diet can make one feel weak lower energy levels, concentration have been replaced and a new value based balanced daily meal plan has been adopted. I was really happy with my results in the first three months so I extended my program for another three months.  The online Daily Food Diary is the best. Its most innovative way to communicate with our nutritionist and the team. The feedback time is great. The best way to discipline is recording what I eat even that glass of juice or coffee has made me keep an honest track about my eating habits and allows me to balance any binge eating the very next morning.  The Diet Plan is the most practical which can be followed for long duration of time without going out of way to source special weight loss foods. ? I must confess that I do have an active lifestyle which keeps me on my toes morning till midnight but I continue to lose weight despite not being able to walk that ?? an hour every morning. ? A major part of weight loss depends on not only what we eat but also how much we eat as our metabolism slows down with age. The controlled portion sizes and the absence of a particular category of food like milk product, salads, fruit is pointed out in your INBOX everyday.

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