"The friend you refer will get an additional 100/- off
if they sign up within 30 days of your invitation to"

Just a token of yours efforts in buildings a healthy community


*This offer is valid only for subscribers of who are currently
subscribed to service or may have subscribed at some point in time

Through your weight loss journey, you may encounter many encounter situations which make it difficult to follow healthy and constructive eating habits. it's best to educate people you socialize with the most-family close friends and co-workers and make them your allies and buddies

They will keep you motivated and will also give you the will-power to keep at it. Similarly,you too could help them follow a healthy and active lifestyle.Get your family and friends on board to create a healthy community

How it works


Invite friends to through the invitation manager dashboard

Check Email id

Make Sure to enter the email address of the friend you are referring on to invitation manager dashboard.

Auto match

Once your friend subscribes to a plan on, his email id entered at the time of registration will be auto-matched with the email id you have entered in the invitation manager.


Once the email match has been made,you will receive en email confirming that you friend has subscribed to a plan and that you are due for a refund payout.


NEFT Transfer of Rs.500/-will be made to your bank account. on to invitation manager dashboard.

Log-in to your account to calculate your refund amount, send invitations and enter bank details

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