A Weight Management Program for life

A Weight Management Program for life

Theweightmonitor.com, India's first fully online weight loss website founded by a Senior Clinical Nutritionist, Ms. Ishi Khosla & her son Dev Aditya Khosla,a budding entrepreneur. Theweightmonitor.com delivers personalized nutrition and dietary guidance with interactive monitoring tools to help you lose weight the right way and reach your target weight.

The program focuses on the concept of teaching a person the art of eating right - a learning which would help you not only to lose weight & stay fit but also something that can be followed for life. Theweightmonitor currently services customers in 120 cities worldwide

The clients enrolled with theweightmonitor.com avail the services of nutritionists trained under India's renowned clinical nutritionist Ms. Ishi Khosla. Each of the clients enrolled with us is assigned a personal/ dedicated nutritionist to take care of their diet regimens, queries and calls. The diet advised is tailor made, personalised and customized to an individual's requirements. Dietary compliance for each one is monitored daily through the online food diary tab. The clients can log-in anytime to their account and post a query to the nutritionist. Theweightmonitor team makes sure that your concerns are addressed at the earliest.

Further, to make the weight loss journey easier, the clients can also speak to their nutritionist on the phone by scheduling a call using the 'Phone a Nutritionist' tab

Theweightmonitor.com offers the weight loss and management program just a click away / at your doorstep. It provides services at almost 1/5th the cost of visiting nutrition center and saves hours of your precious time spent during various nutritionist visits and follow-ups.

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Eat Better,
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Serving customers in
over 120 Cities Worldwide

About Our Programme

Theweightmonitor is India's first fully online weight management portal. Our online diet plans are customized for individual lifestyles and focus on the principles of eating right. Theweightmonitor does not prescribe any special foods, It just fits into your routine. Your personal nutritionist and daily performance & target scores motivate you to achieve your target weight. Theweightmonitor services clients in 175 cities worldwide.

Responsive imageFounded by Clinical Nutritionist, Ishi Khosla
Responsive image Average weight loss of 2-4 kgs per month.
Responsive image Personal Nutritionist, Unlimited Phone Minutes & Real Time Scoring
Responsive image Servicing customers in 175 Cities Worldwide
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Meet Our Founder

Ishi Khosla is a practicing clinical nutritionist, consultant, writer, columnist, researcher, author and an entrepreneur.